Elderly bathroom safety accessories

Based on the CDC, reports show that there is an average of approximately 1 in 4 elderly adults who experience dangerous slip and falls. Matter of fact, approximately 1 in 5 falls that occur with an elderly person result in broken bones and or even a severe head injury. Also, there are approximately 300,000 older Americans who experience hip fractures and need to be hospitalized. Sadly, there are many elderly people who continue to slip and fall more so in their very own home bathroom. Surprisingly, your bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in your home.

There are more home accidents that happen in your bathroom home than any other place in your home. Therefore, you want to make it a priority to possibly consider utilizing safety bathroom accessories to prevent a serious accident from occurring. Below you should find a list of elderly bathroom safety accessories you may find very useful in your home in preventing injuries with your elderly.


The non-slip bath mat is designed to prevent slip and fall accidents by securing your bathtub floor with a grip texture. These bath mats are usually made from soft rubber and is extremely easy to clean and or store. Many best non-slip bath mats also have suction cups on the bottom, so that they adhere to your bathtub easily and securely. Also, some bath mats even have a nice customized hole cut in them to fit around your drain nicely.


Tub treads are similar to the bath mat, but these are actually non-slip self-adhesive products that you can easily place on your tub to create a non-slip surface. These also are waterproof and usually come in long strips that you can spread around your tub however you like.


The comfort grip tub rail attaches to either the tub wall, surrounding tub wall or the tub itself. These products are designed to offer stability and comfort for getting into and also out of your tub. Fortunately, you do not need any tools to install most tub rails. They mostly come with easy-to-install instructions. However, some tub rails are mostly ideal for fiberglass tubs.


If you or your elderly loved one has difficulty with standing on their own safely in the shower, then you may want to consider a shower chair. Fortunately, there are shower chairs that are designed the be used for elderly to safely stay seated in the shower. These shower chairs have a backrest design to allow for optimal comfort. They also have a no-rust wheel caster to preserve the chair. Most best shower chairs also allow for 2 position recliners and also have leg rests that are retractable and can lock in any angle that is comfortable for the user.


A bath step is used to easily step in and out of the bathtub safely. Most best bath steps offer support up to more than 400 lbs. This product allows for a safe transition in and out of the tub. These tubs also have a slip-resistant texture for more safety and also comfort. The first step adds up to 4 inches and the additional step adds about 2 inches.