HCG Diet Drops Scam

HCG diet drops is an up an rising diet plan that actually comes with more negatives than benefits to your health and weight goals. This 500-calorie plan is more focused on starving its users with an unnatural diet with particular options of foods, and to top it off is only a supplement for the drug than the actual prescription. I go over the practical intended use for HCG as would normally be prescribed by a health care physician. Following that, I go over the dietary use and the backings towards why this plan is an actual killing scam.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, it is a hormone that is produced when pregnant. It is customarily injected to help couples struggling to get pregnant, with the capability of both encouraging egg release in women and increasing sperm production in men. For dietary uses, the FDA has not approved it for the purpose of an over-the-counter weight-loss supplement. Issues over its weight-loss measurements remain controversial, and there is no scientific backing to whether it can help lose weight, resist hunger, or low desires for appetite. Beyond that, its sale is actually illegal for such use as dietary need. Check purehcgdietdrops.reviews for the best HCG diet drops on the market.

That being said, this hCG water pill being marketed is actually a supplement, meaning it finds its way around the FDA disapproval, but still comes with many of the problems. The diet plan with it is really something that people should especially bring into questioning. It is open to most meats, as long as you avoid the fat heavy pieces, but most fish are not approved of for the diet. It recommends a lot of healthy vegetables, limits your carbs, very little fruit, and heavy restriction on milk. Beyond this, it requires you only having two meals a day, totaling 500 calories. Getting less than 1200 calories a day basically means there isn’t a likely chance that you are getting enough nutrition a day. This topped with side effects being fatigued, headache, irritability. Diet plans are supposed to make you feel better physically, and mentally. This practice is all a natural bog down for the average human. Even really to a dangerous level since users likely are lacking nutrition on this diet, especially vegetarians which have a whole new set of rules to try and get more balance to this starve yourself style of food lifestyle. HCG diet phase 2 food list http://purehcgdietdrops.reviews/phase-2-food-list/.

In conclusion, with market research, I have not found a source really delving into how the HCG diet plan is an effective weight loss plan. The FDA is against it, there is no scientific proof it is useful for dieting, and even the bottle itself says no proven testing for weight loss or appetite loss is found on it. Anybody recommended this diet from a friend or colleague needs to really give that person the facts the dangers of this diet system.